Last Year’s Highlights – Restoring & Repainting Bespoke Kitchens

I thought I’d start my blogs for this year by reviewing and revisiting last year’s commissions. Before I get started on these, I wanted to share with you what has been my drive for the past year’s work. I was determined to follow a path that really mattered to me and challenged me within my work. Broadly these fall into 3 areas of interest.


I believe that we are all accountable and need to really address our principles and consumerism going into this new decade. Handpainting existing or upcycled kitchens is a perfect way to embrace this.

This repainting process is also extremely cost effective, efficient and eco friendly. All ticking the sustainability boxes.

I have written case studies in the form of blogs that go into greater detail on how this process is achieved.


I started my own business at 18 years of age, pine stripping and restoring antiques. Also now with my love of interiors and colours, it stands to reason that this would turn into a passion for designing and creating empathetic paint finishes. These are perfectly attuned for use in historic, ancient and listed homes.

My training for this is based in the traditional art and techniques of decorative paint finishes. However I now have now extended this knowledge and expertise within modern applications and materials allowing for an extended skill set incorporating specialist faux interior paint effects and finishes to emulate aged paintwork.

I also use paint analysis for specific detailed restoration and have a vast personal hand painted library of colours, which is indispensable in this line of work.

I have plenty of case studies to share with you. These go into depth of translating client specifications into empathetic historically appropriate paint finishes, techniques and colours and following the journey throughout to achieve the perfect atmospheric interior.

Design and Collaboration

I love this area of my work as it’s so inspiring at every turn. Translating traditional paint effects with contemporary colours and materials is a bit like heaven for me.

I have an absolute passion for the soulful art of hand painting, against factory sprayed finishes. I am constantly deigning new ways to stretch the imagination with beautiful finishes incorporating gold leaf, mother of pearl, glazes and colour! Lots of hand mixed beautiful bespoke colour!!

Collaboration is where these ideas of mine are allowed to flourish.

Collaborating with kitchen designers wishing to push the boundaries in artisanal and unique bespoke paint finishes creating viable, hard wearing lustrous specialist paint finishes for kitchen furniture is a great and worthwhile challenge.

These finishes add a creative depth and soulful quality to a very necessarily functional part of our homes. This is also extended into other areas. Such as splashbacks and wall effects.

Verre eglomise ( the art of reverse painting and gilding onto glass ) is a perfect example of extending unique creative depth in the kitchen in the form of splashbacks and focal points. Designs and effects are unlimited in this form with every square inch being decorative, bespoke and truly unique to the client. This beautiful and unusual form of decorative art can also be used in many other areas of the home not least because of it’s durability and wonderful practicality. In further blogs I shall be looking into these areas in much greater detail with the hope and wish to inspire.

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