As I started my first business restoring antiques, it stood to reason that with a love of interiors and colours my passion would grow into designing and creating empathetic paint finishes for historic, ancient and listed homes.

I use paint analysis for specific detailed restoration, allowing me to fully restore colours and paint finishes on completion of any structural work necessary in maintaining and upgrading these remarkable residences.
Using bespoke, hand mixed colours, I design and create subtly aged paint finishes for walls, ceilings and woodwork. Together with the traditional decorative art of marbling, wood graining and gilding, a full specialist interior decoration scheme is offered.
I accept commissions nation and worldwide.

Aged Oak Panelling

An example of new English oak panelling. Fumed, distressed and waxed to emulate original Jacobean oak.

Victorian Entrance Hall

This Victorian hall is a perfect example of layered design.

All bespoke colours designed into multiple paint effects combine to give a typically rich Victorian scheme.

Click on this link to see the full walk through.

Decorative Jacobean Stairwell

30 years ago (which is almost historical in itself!) I was commissioned to paint the panels of the stairwell in this historic home.

The walls had specialist fabric wallpaper on them and the client wanted something as similar to that as possible for the panels.

Here’s the process.

Here is a time-lapse video of how a softly aged wall effect is achieved using historically appropriate bespoke colours