Hand painting existing or upcycled kitchens (known as ‘repaints’), be it oak, pine, previously painted, waxed or laminated is a wonderful alternative to the expensive and profound upheaval of replacing. This process is also fabulously sustainable, eco-friendly and cost effective.
I will happily advise on whether your kitchen will be a good candidate for this. I can help with all other aspects of upgrading your kitchen from floors, tiles, work tops and lighting. I also design and instigate cabinet reconfiguration, restructure or repair using my fellow colleagues working in the high end bespoke kitchen manufacturing and fitting industry.

I can usually give advice and a ballpark figure if appropriate for repainting your kitchen over email. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. Also take a look at my blogs which expand on each kitchen’s transformation process to help you understand how each hand painted kitchen repaint has been achieved.

Bespoke Oak Kitchen Repaint

This beautifully made bespoke oak kitchen was commissioned by the client 14 years ago. The problem with oak is that sunlight absorption makes the oak turn profoundly orange, leaving the client with a kitchen with a 1970’s hue.
Before I began this commission, the client and I worked through many bespoke colour variations and contemporary warm pale grey was settled upon that would work well with the restyled interior of her beautiful home.
Please see the above named blog to see how this transformation was achieved.

Mark Wilkinson Cook’s Kitchen Restore and Repaint

The client bought 3 separate elements of previously owned Mark Wilkinson Cook’s kitchens that she reconfigured and refitted into her new kitchen extension. This is a superb example of sustainability and eco friendly design. The cupboards in various horrendous qualities of paint finish needed to be ground right down, filled and fully restored before painting could begin.

A sympathetic colour scheme of Swedish grey on the peripheral cupboards and darkest grey on the island to emulate the detail in the tiled floor was hand painted on.

See my blog with the above name to see how I fully restored this amalgamated kitchen and used colour to fuse into a beautiful stylish family kitchen.

Aged Pine Kitchen Repaint

As with oak, pine absorbs sunlight and turns orange leaving a 70’s sauna feel to a kitchen. Not lovely.
This kitchen is a great example of a good quality and well designed but aged kitchen that required updating.

The under cabinet lighting and tiled splashback needed renewing. However the floor, granite and handles were good to keep and build into the new colour scheme. A colour of pale warm grey was chosen to lift and brighten the kitchen. This colour has definitely updated the kitchen beautifully.
Please see the above named blog to see in depth how the repaint was achieved.

Bespoke Kitchen Repaint

This kitchen was a delight to repaint. Not because it was any easier than others but because the choice of colour was so much more interesting than usual.

An in depth colour consultation resulted in me mixing a deeply delicious and complicated green-grey-black. The hand painted colour transformation really accentuated the style of the interior the client was aiming to achieve.

The colour was hand mixed and bespoke. See the above named blog to get the all the details.

Contemporary Kitchen Repaint

A lovely example of a kitchen in dire need of a contemporary repaint. All the other elements in the room including the floor, worktops, handles and lighting were perfectly on trend. It was just the tired oak kitchen cupboards that let the room down.

A small amount of cabinetry modification and update was required to complete the pre paint preparation, then a subtle pale grey was painted onto the kitchen cupboards.

The colour worked perfectly in reflecting the client’s interior decoration scheme and finished the room off beautifully.
Please see the above named blog for all the details of this repaint.

30 Year Old Smallbone Kitchen

This kitchen had been repainted at least twice in its life, so had a massive build up of horribly applied paint.

It all had to be degreased, repaired and ground off. I specified the colour of the walls also. This was to key in the whole scheme of pale grey with dark warm grey insets, giving a clean more contemporary feel to a classic kitchen.

Kitchen Nightmares

Here’s a quick look at what happens to kitchens if they’re repainted by an inexperienced individual.

My advice is to please not go with the cheapest quote before you thoroughly explore the painter’s expertise level.

I have restored and repainted too many kitchens that have not had the appropriate preparation beforehand and the paint simply chips away months after completion and payment.

Websites and social media make this checking so much easier these days.