This is a selection of recent bespoke kitchens that I have been commissioned to paint. Ranging from classical styles to contemporary designs, every kitchen has it’s own unique colours.

I offer a complimentary colour consultation at the beginning of every commission. Ensuring the perfect colours are chosen for your kitchen.
Every brushstroke is applied after the cabinets have been fitted giving the highest level of finish possible – a tradition practised by only the highest quality of specialist painters.

Country Manor Kitchen

This is a perfect example of how a hand painted kitchen can fit sympathetically into a country manor house. I used a paint sheen of 20% giving a waxy glow to the cupboards. The colour has a slight contemporary edge, lifting it away from a dull sage into a colour entirely more interesting.

Historic Residence Kitchen

Painting this kitchen took me back to my roots of specialist paint finishes. A series of glazes and techniques were used to create an effect that works beautifully within such an historic interior. The internal colour of glazed and antiqued turquoise / teal really adds a striking accent to the overall effect. All colours were hand mixed and bespoke.

Georgian Townhouse Kitchen

This kitchen still remains one of my favourites. The dramatic use of just-off-black in a 30% sheen to allow the light to bounce gently off the finish and is daringly perfect for the design. It also proves that the use of dark colours does not have to close a room off from light but enhances the light that is present.

Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen

For this kitchen I took inspiration for the colours from the fabulous book matched granite worktop. A warm blend of burnt umber, a tiny amount of magenta and yellow ochre, mixed into a mid grey base made a perfect colour to paint the island and accentuate the striations in the granite. The peripheral cupboards were painted in a mid deep grey, the underlying background colour of the worktop.

Classical Family Kitchen

The brief for this hand painted kitchen was for the colour to create a light and airy feel to the space, and to work well with the granite splashback. A silver mid grey was used to paint on the cupboards, with added interest of a slight colour to the island. To create the luminosity and depth of colour in such a dark tone for the island, I used a mix of cadmium purple, raw umber and mars black.

Grand Residence Kitchen

The colour for this fabulous kitchen was taken from the mid colour in the striations of the marble waterfall worktop. The mid warm grey is halfway between the colour of the floor tiles and the pale of the marble and creates a serene and contemporary atmosphere.

Contemporary Country Kitchen

Inspiration for painting this kitchen was taken from the striking book matched splashback behind the AGA. The cupboards were painted in a mid grey accentuating the striations in the granite. For cupboard internals, I mixed a blend of raw umber, magenta, raw sienna and black into a mid grey base. This colour worked beautifully with the mid tones of the splashback. Colours were hand mixed and bespoke.

My Kitchen

I designed my kitchen, the building it sits in and the garden surrounding it, simultaneously. For the colours of the cupboards I chose tonal variations of pale grey. I
wanted an airy feel to the whole space, allowing the garden and views to permeate. Creating a garden room ambiance.

Orangery Kitchen

The lustrous dark grey plum colour of this hand painted kitchen offsets the work top, floor and mirrored inserts beautifully. A fine example of using a dark colour to enhance the design of the furniture.

Other Commissions

I undertake a vast spectrum of commissions of hand painting bespoke furniture. Encompassing all from staircases, boot rooms, bedrooms, dressing rooms etc.

Here is an example of a beautiful attic space and a boot room. The dark and light colours of each accentuating the space and design.