Colour is involved in every aspect of my work. I am passionate about creating unique palettes for clients, analysing and emulating historic colours and effects and pushing the boundaries of paint and finishes for collaborations with kitchen designers.

I have a vast personal library of colours spanning 30 years which is fantastically inspiring for all areas of my work.

Colour Consulting For
Hand Painted Kitchens

Each kitchen to be painted has a colour consultation beforehand to absolutely ensure the colour choice is exactly as the client requires.

These colour consultations begin with large hand painted samples. If these are not perfect, I hand mix the exact colour on site and reproduce the colour in any quantity in the appropriate paint product professionally mixed by a specialist paint company.

Historical Colours and Finishes

I analyse and document existing schemes in historical, ancient and listed homes before any structural restoration, to ensure the accurately emulated scheme can be reproduced after the structural repairs have finished.

I also design and create softly aged paint effects in historically appropriate colours for walls, ceilings and woodwork by commission.

Colour in Design and Collaboration

Collaborating with kitchen designers allows me to push the boundaries of design in colour and paint effects.
I also translate this bespoke specialist work into client’s interior schemes by commission.