Kitchen Repainting Code of Practise Coronavirus Aware

During these past few weeks I have been thinking of how to manage my work the most efficient way, keeping clients and myself safe.
As the lockdown eases slightly, enquiries are coming in for kitchens that need repainting. It’s hardly surprising as we’ve all been staring at the insides of our homes for weeks!

  • If you would like some advice, help or a price, get in touch with me via my website, email, phone or social media.
  • Take photos of your kitchen. These can be WhatsApped to me. I can easily give you a price from photos.
  • If you would like a consultation, this can be achieved via a WhatsApp video call or I can come to you keeping to the strict safety guidelines. With antibac’d pre painted samples and colour cards.

The format, following all safety guidelines, for repainting your kitchen is as follows:

  • First day of commission. Arrive on site with mask, gloves and sanitiser. 
  • I remove all doors and drawers etc and take away to be painted in my studio. This works well as your kitchen can still function whilst I’m doing the bulk of the work off site.
  • Once all the doors and drawers etc are completed in the studio, I come back to work on site on the kitchen frames. I do this in mask and gloves.
  •  Prearranged hours / days can be organised if required so that I am not in contact with any member of your household.
  • I take my breaks in my car and make sure everything is antbac’d and sanitised.

It really is as simple as that!

As my pre lockdown schedule has gone completely awry, I am saying to potential clients who enquire, that I’m currently filling my diary up with bookings on a first come, first served basis.

I hope this reassures you all.

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I can always adapt this code of practise to suit you and your household.

Stay safe!

Emma x

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