How do you choose the right splashback for your kitchen?

When choosing a splashback for your kitchen, there are several things to consider. First, consider the overall style of your kitchen. If your kitchen has a modern, minimalist look, you may want to choose a splashback with clean lines and a simple design. If your kitchen has a more traditional or rustic look, a splashback with a textured or patterned surface may be a better choice.

Another important factor to consider is the material of the splashback. Glass splashbacks are a popular choice for their durability, ease of cleaning and ability to reflect light, which can make a small kitchen appear larger. Stainless steel splashbacks are also a durable option, but they can show fingerprints and smudges more easily. Tiles are also a popular option, they are affordable and come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and sizes.

You should also consider the practicality of the splashback. If your kitchen is used frequently, a splashback made of a material that is easy to clean and maintain is a must. Glass and stainless steel splashbacks are both easy to clean, while tiles may be more difficult to maintain.

The location of the splashback is also important. If the splashback is located near a stove or cooktop, you should choose a heat resistant material such as glass or stainless steel to avoid damage from heat. If the splashback is located near a sink, you should choose a material that is resistant to water damage, such as glass or tiles.

Finally, consider the budget for your splashback. Glass and stainless steel splashbacks tend to be more expensive, while tiles are generally more affordable. Keep in mind that choosing a more expensive material may be more cost-effective in the long run, as it is more durable and requires less maintenance.

If you would like something truly unique, then you could consider a Verre Eglomise glass splashback. Verre Eglomise is a decorative art form in which a design or image is applied to the back of a piece of glass, and then viewed from the front through the glass.

In summary, when choosing a splashback for your kitchen, consider the overall style of your kitchen, the material of the splashback, the practicality of the splashback, the location of the splashback, and your budget. By considering these factors, you can choose a splashback that not only looks great but also works well in your kitchen.

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